What is the purpose of the Beacon of Hope?
To instill in ALL Lynchburg City Public School students the aspiration to pursue AND to provide them with the tools and resources to attain a post-secondary education.

  • To provide college opportunities for those would not be able to attend college otherwise
  • To change the culture in the Lynchburg community to a PreK-16 division
  • To create a stream of qualified/educationally prepared talent for the greater Lynchburg workforce
  • To ensure that all children who graduate from Lynchburg City Schools are prepared for the next step in life:  4 year college, 2 year college, technical / community/trade school, industry certification
  • To improve the quality of life in our community by investing in our most precious resource—our children—who are our future
  • To compile and disseminate data on current and continuing post-secondary education of Lynchburg’s student
What are the components the Beacon of Hope?

  • FUTURE CENTERS housed in both LCS High Schools (staffed, maintained, and funded by the Beacon of Hope) which provide resources on financial aid and college admissions for ALL LCS students, guidance on local and federal financial aid.
  • MENTORING PROGRAMS which diligently work to encourage students to apply AND leverage all available resources.
  • Programs in the Elementary and Middle Schools that plant the seeds of COLLEGE ATTAINABILITY for younger students.
  • Ultimately, SCHOLARSHIP opportunities above and beyond last dollar earned to level the playing field and get students onto post secondary education.
  • PARTNERSHIPS with our local businesses to provide funding and internship opportunities, so that the intellectual capital that is created through the Beacon does not “leak away” from Lynchburg after students earn post secondary degrees.


Ask the Experts Radio Interview

WLNI’s Ask the Experts radio interview with Beacon of Hope Program Director, Laura Hamilton

FAFSA February Frenzy

Beacon of Hope Future Centers, Lynchburg City Schools, 5 local colleges, and two local community centers are working together to help hundreds of Lynchburg families explore avenues for financial aid for college and technical certification programs. During February FAFSA FRENZY, a week-long event sponsored by the Beacon of Hope Future Centers, Financial Aid experts and volunteers will blanket the City with opportunities for families
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FAFSA Song/Rap Winners

Beacon of Hope held a contest in which high school students had the opportunity to produce original songs or raps about FAFSA. Click below to watch the three winning entries. Their songs will air throughout the spring as public service announcements on local cable television. Dean Burrage, E. C. Glass Asher Sizemore, E. C. Glass Josh McMillon & Brandon Webber, Heritage